Песня Gravestone исполнителя 9 Lives Deuce of Hollywood Undead

Эту песню 9 Lives Deuce of Hollywood Undead всегда исполнял с особым воодушевлением, вкладывая всю свою душу в каждое слово песни Gravestone, пытаясь донести до слушателя все эмоции, которые он переживаал в момент исполнения песни. И такое отношение исполнителя, по мнению почитателей его таланта, демонстрируется и тогда, когда он поет другие свои композиции. Песня Gravestone - это лишь малая часть многогранного творчества 9 Lives Deuce of Hollywood Undead, и наш сайт с удовольствием предоставляет вам возможность ознакомиться и с другими песнями вашего любимого исполнителя. Слушайте и наслаждайтесь!

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Песня: Gravestone

Исполняется: 9 Lives (Deuce of Hollywood Undead)

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Текст песни:

Never was a killer,
But I spilled enough blood
Never thought I'd be the one,
To sweep your fuckin' ashes underneath my rug
People come,
And people go
But I ain't people
So tell your people when they see me
They gonna feel the evil
You missed the past,
Off them city lights,
And make it last
Noy you're sayin' "rest in peace",
Packing all your bags
Say goodbye, say goodbye,
But save your last dance
Take your last glance at me,
Now it's your chance!

Chorus x2
(If you died)
Goodbye, goodbye,
Everything will be alright
Goodbye, goodbye,
I promise I'll be by your side
Goodbye, goodbye,
Rest in peace alone,
I wouldn't put a fuckin' flower on your gravestone
(If you died)

I used to be the boy,
The only boy my momma had
Now I'm sitting in this house,
Underneath my past
Cleaning out, where we used to drink and laugh
Thinking what had happened,
How it happened,
How I didn't see the past
Seemed like it all happened all too fast,
Thinkin' sound was my mask,
I was caught up, lost in the mask
Now it's dark,
And now it's black
I missed the contrast,
You say it's black and white,
Black and white my ass!
And in these moments,
I've been wrong
These moments seem so long,
Ticking on the clock,
Till the moments gone
And I don't wanna go back
Relapse the day,
Collapse the faze,
While I'm looking down the drain

Chorus x2

See my conscience don't work no more,
It don't hurt no more
And it don't hurt to see you lying,
It don't work no more
So when I'm saying 'stay away'
Realize I ain't fuckin' playing
Younger, like my younger days,
May be hungry but I'm crazed
Raised by criminal ways,
Hear the chandelier break
It ain't no mistake,
I'm waitin' on Nolana's grave
And can't get pictures from my veins
Ain't no fucking me for Jane
Naked for my brothers rein,
On my arm, you'll see the same
And if I never see your face,
I will always feel the same
Divide me from the wrongs
So when I'm gone,
My spirit will live on
Let my lyrics show you God!

Chorus x2

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Deuce - The One (Official Music Video)


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